David Schwimmer Buys Historical EV Townhouse, Demolishes It, Incurs Wrath of Villagers


Looks like East Village residents aren’t happy with their newest celebrity neighbor. The New York Post was able to confirm that David Schwimmer, one-time Friends star, is the owner of a historical East Village townhouse which was recently demolished to make way for a six-story mansion. As can be expected, fellow Sixth Street denizens are not pleased about it.

Schwimmer bought the building, at 331 E. 6th St., in 2010 for $4.1 million. Built in 1852, it was one of the oldest structures on the block.

Of course, old buildings are bought and sold and remodeled in the Village all the time. The area is hugely popular with students and celebrities, and developers and real estate agents know they can get more money for a nicer building.

What has Village residents upset about this particular building is the fact that it was slated to become a historical landmark by the end of 2012. According to the Post, the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission had notified Schwimmer on March 31 and May 27 in 2011 that the building was up for landmark status. Nevertheless, by the end of September, the entire structure had been demolished, leaving only a gaping hole.

Neighbors who spoke to the Post were less than pleased with the developments:

“All the new people are yuppie transients. If I see David Schwimmer on the street, I’ll be sure to give him my two cents!” said Charlett Hobart, a retired independent contractor who has lived on the block for the past 37 years.

Schwimmer certainly isn’t getting off on the right foot with his new community. However, if Schwimmer had waited for the building’s status to be decided on, it’s likely he would have had to abandon those dreams of an elevator and roof terrace. Hope it’s worth the trouble, Ross.