Donald Trump Takes Credit for Mitt Romney’s Nevada Win


By now it’s quite obvious to anyone paying attention that Donald Trump will do anything to stay in the spotlight during this election season, despite already calling it quits on his own candidacy. So after very publicly declaring his support for Mitt Romney, a move that caused many Americans to engage in collective eye-rolling, Trump would now like you to know how proud he is that Mitt made it to victory in Nevada. Because where would poor old Mitt be without The Donald?

Trump said in an interview this morning with Fox and Friends that he purposely waited until an unsure moment in the election to announce his endorsement (read: a moment when he would get the most attention).

“I like Newt a lot, but I think that Mitt Romney is going to win the election against Obama … There was a lot riding on that particular race in Nevada and it was interesting, because the numbers were much, much greater than you thought,” Trump said. “And a lot of people are giving me credit for that. And I will accept that credit. I will always accept credit.”

During his phone-in to the show, Trump also took time to address the economy, the Department of Labor’s recent jobs report, and the situation in the Middle East. Because apparently, being a multi-millionaire — sorry, billionaire — makes you a conservative authority on these things, despite having no real political experience.

Mediaite has the full clip from Fox and Friends, if you’d like to watch the pompousness in full.