It’s Bob Marley’s Birthday. Party Like a Rasta!


Today marks Bob Marley’s birthday, and although he’s now gone, why not celebrate his memory with a Jamaican feast? The Caribbean island’s cuisine has become more popular in recent years in New York City, with everything from food trucks to high-end establishments popping up. Here’s how to party in Bob’s memory all day long — today, or any day of the year.

Start out your day at the Jamaican Dutchy street-cart vendor. Breakfast porridges change daily, with items like cornmeal porridge (today) to banana oatmeal (Tuesday) to a sweet and hearty hominy porridge (Friday).

For lunch, head to Christie’s Jamaican Patties, and toss back a signature flaky beef pastry or maybe some goat stew over rice if you’re looking for a heartier option. Buff Patty is another decent option if you can’t make it to Christie’s.

For dinner, you can’t go wrong at the Islands, where the curried goat and jerk chicken are both good.

For some post-dinner people watching, grab a cocktail at Miss Lily’s. The drinks are far better than the food here, though make sure you’re looking good because the doorman can bring some attitude.

Then go home for a nightcap of Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum. Why Blackwell and not, say, Appleton? Well, in addition to the rum business, Chris Blackwell created Island Records and helped popularize reggae music. His most notable success? None other than bringing recognition to Bob Marley and the Wailers.