Madonna’s Lesbian Friends (And Gaga) Comment On Her Performance


Face it.

She did fine at the Super Bowl.

She led us through a pop-culture carnival involving gladiators, acrobats, cheerleaders, guest stars, lip-synching, a stumble, and a Wicked Witch of the West exit, followed by the rousing message of “Buy My Album,” I mean, “World Peace.”

(And after she ferociously seized back her moment, guess what music was playing when they returned to the game? Lady Gaga!)

Anyway, the whole world was buzzing about the performance like a blood-red vibrator.

And here’s what Madge’s lesbian funny-lady friends had to say about it on Twitter:

Rosie O’Donnell: “Madonna=perfect”

Sandra Bernhard: “World peace has arrived!”

Sandra Bernhard: “Nothing says Madonna like Bridgestone! I know she loves a good tire.”

And how about some non-lesbians.

Patton Oswalt: “Apparently Madonna saw the movie 300 and thought, ‘I can go gayer.'”

Michael Ian Black: “Joan Rivers did an amazing halftime show.”

Bette Midler: “WORLD PEACE? Hilarious. But ditch the high heels next time.”

NY1’s Pat Kiernan: “Madonna show entertaining but overproduced. The lack of a ‘live’ sound takes away from the moment.”

And as for Lady Gaga herself?

Well, on January 31, she tweeted: “Looking forward to seeing the Super Bowl. The half time show will be wonderful, I’m sure.”

And last night, she wrote … nothing!!!!

Sounds like a good review.