New Yorkers Think the State Is Doing OK, Worry the U.S. Is Going Downhill: Poll


New Yorkers really don’t like the idea of giving politicians more money, but they do like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Barack Obama a lot, according to a new Siena College poll.

What specifically does our fine state fancy?

Well, pollsters from the college’s research institute say that 75 percent of voters see Cuomo favorably, saying that “he’s providing the leadership New York has lacked for too long.” Still, they don’t think he should have more money: 66-75 percent don’t think that electeds or appointed officials should get raises.

Meanwhile, Obama is beating his top Republican competition Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich by a wide margin. He has a 32 to 42-point lead over them.

Some other deets: 71 percent of New Yorkers back Cuomo’s school evaluation policy and 69 percent support the idea of a reformed pension system for government employees, in which they would contribute a larger portion of money to the retirement fund.

Things we weren’t as cool with: Only 52 percent of us wanted to boost Buffalo’s economy with a $1 billion investment, and the same number was OK with bringing Las Vegas-type casinos to the state.

There are a few more tantalizing tidbits to be gleaned from this morning’s data.

New Yorkers look like they’ll re-elect State Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (she has a high favorability rating) — and they’re also kinda happy: 52 percent say the state is moving in the right direction for the second straight month in a row.

This is probably about as close to optimism as we could hope for: 51 percent of New Yorkers think the country is headed in the wrong direction, which is the most positive we’ve felt about the U.S.A. since May. Sadface.