Sam Bahri’s Steakhouse and Dallas Jones BBQ Seized by the Marshal, Now Shuttered


Looks like restaurateur Sam Bahri has found herself in some hot water. Both of her West Village restaurants — the stalwart Dallas Jones BBQ and newcomer Sam Bahri’s Steakhouse — were seized by the marshal just prior to the weekend, as a stroll by the restaurants revealed.

Indeed, the Dallas Jones BBQ website now reads, “Dallas Jones enjoyed helping you for the last 28 years and we will be missing everyone in the community. The time has come to say good bye. All the best, Sam and all the DJ staff.” Sam Bahri’s Steakhouse’s website is still up and running, although an addendum at the bottom of the page notes, “We would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm. We needed time and/or capital to stay in business. Capital was on the way but NY time is valuable and the moment to close arrived before the funding. All the best, Sam.” Bahri had been actively criticized on the website Shameless Restaurants, with employees claiming they, along with the restaurants’ vendors, were all owed money and that they hoped she’d go out of business soon. Looks like their wishes came true.