The Voice Talks to the BBC About Stop-And-Frisk, Powerless New Yorkers, Philip Glass and the Super Bowl [AUDIO]


The Voice was invited to join WWRL’s Mark Riley on the BBC’s Up All Night this past weekend, to chat with host Dotun Adebayo from across the pond. Every Saturday night, BBC 5 broadcasts live overnight, while checking in with correspondents from around the globe and spending an hour with two New Yorkers in their mid-town studio. It was an honor to represent for our hometown.

Our conversation spanned all manner of things in the Big Apple and near Big Ben: weed arrests, big and small; Occupy Wall Street; British football (which we innocently knew little about); American football and the Superbowl (which we shamefully knew even less about); Philip Glass’s 75th birthday; and what it’s like to be a powerless New Yorker.

Dotun Adebayo was a gracious host and a good student of the Voice. He attributed the phrase “driving while black” to our paper, which may have been coined by this 1998 article, and we updated it to its modern equivalent (“being while black”). Here were are discussing the spike in marijuana arrests last and trying to explain what the hell stop-and-frisk is to the British people:

He we are discussing the “100 Most Powerless New Yorkers,” and how power shakes out in the Big Apple:

Here we are discussing why American “vegetarians” still eat at Popeye’s:

And here we discussed our Philip Glass profile and the Voice’s Occupy Wall Street coverage:

The BBC’s Up All Night New York segment is streamed live here on Saturday nights 8:00 EST.

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