Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Was Taken Down by Anti-Terror Squad


New reports reveal that Kim Dotcom, the model-loving mastermind behind file-sharing giant Megaupload, was busted by New Zealand’s anti-terror squad, as well as other law enforcement officers, in a high-security shakedown.

According to TorrentFreak, Dotcom’s mansion was swarmed last month by “dozens of police” who were “armed with assault rifles and sidearms” though he is accused of computer-based copyright infringement.

A new expose reveals that the cops smashed into the children’s indoor play area, then into the nannies’ rooms, where they “kicked the door down” and asked one of the women if she had any bombs, TorrentFreak reports.

Dotcom was holed up in his safe room, his bodyguard told reporters, but cops didn’t want the security code that would grant them access — though his wife supposedly offered it to them.

Instead, they “smashed down three doors to get to Kim” and “were trying to smash what they thought was Dotcom’s hiding place. It was in fact a broken service elevator/dumb waiter.”

What a lot of people are wondering: Why send anti-terror cops to bring down a nonviolent techie?