Year of the Takeout Day 36: Homes Kitchen


Hunan Tofu from Homes Kitchen (22 East 21st Street, 212-475-5049)

Most of the time, there’s little difference between a selection that’s billed as Hunan, Sichuan, or Cantonese at Year of the Takeout‘s go-to restos or the slightly more chichi sit-down varieties we sample from time to time.

Now, the sauce at Homes Kitchen, though purportedly Hunan, did not taste that different from the other options often encountered.

But, the $9.15 tofu deserves some emphatic words of praise.

Here, the triangles are prepped so that the exterior layer has a soft skin, while the interior almost has a seitan-esque mouthfeel.

The overall result is a sour, salty, white-centered chunk that squishes amusingly with each bite. Thus far, this is the least common way YotT has encountered bean curd (and we kinda secretly hope to see lots more examples of it …).