Year of the Takeout Day 37: A & C Kitchen


Warm Noodles With Light Spicy Peanut Sauce from A & C Kitchen (136 Avenue C, 212-677-8112)

A quick review is on Year of the Takeout‘s menu tonight. (We’re a little sick, but damned if we would abandon this project now.)

This $4.95 pick has very much the same general tones of cold sesame noodle except that here, warm and gooey peanut butter abounds, creating a rib-sticking, salty sauce and a dish that could serve as a main. The scallions and spice (note the chili flecks!) also downplay the legume paste’s sweetness, making for a satisfying selection. The portion, a thick pile of lo mein noodles, feels like enough to share — or at least to break into two meals.

This is easily one of YotT’s faves — something about it just works — and we’d gladly go back for this pick if we didn’t have so many other carry-aways left to try.