Curious About Mead? Head to Vandaag.


Mead, that drink you probably associate with Renaissance fairs, is making a comeback, according to an article in The New York Times. The golden-hued alcoholic beverage is made from honey — a lot of it. “One bottle of mead is made from a half-pound of honey,” said Mark Beran of Medovina Meadery to the Times. Beran is part of a group of brewers who are trying to revive mead by promoting it as a complex and sophisticated drink, akin to wine.

Where can you get your hands on this curious libation? The Times reports that New York State’s largest mead-maker is Earle Estates Meadery, which produces about 10,000 cases per year and is located in the Finger Lakes region. But if you can’t make the trip upstate, head over to Vandaag: Its drink menu has four mead options, all of which are Danish. Try a few; it might make you feel like a Viking for a night.