New York’s Ugliest Rat Calls Seventh Avenue Station Home


Let’s face it — as New Yorkers, we have certainly seen our fair share of ugly rats. They’re in the parks, in the subway, and if you’re particularly unlucky, in your apartment building.

But this rat — this rat is the ugliest, at least according to the Transit Workers Union, which ran a photo contest to find the ugliest rat in the city. This particular rat, found at the Seventh Avenue station, won the race with a score of 4.8 out of 5 (somewhere between “ugly” and “beastly”).

TWU started the contest as a way to bring more attention to the rat problem in city subway stations. As stated on the Rat Free Subways website (be warned — probably not for the rodent-averse):

Aggressive rats are bolder about coming onto the platforms, and have even been known to bite riders. They invest the “refuse rooms” where garbage is stored. Since the Transport Workers Union began shining a spotlight on this problem, the MTA has announced a program to clean 20 stations — that’s less than four percent of the stations system wide. It’s not enough. More must be done!

Amen to that!

[h/t New York Daily News]