Takashi Has Heart For Your Valentine


They say it’s best to wear your heart on your sleeve, but this Valentine’s Day, West Village restaurant Takashi wants you to have it on your plate as well. The restaurant offers hatsu (beef heart) as a grill-ready item on its regular menu, but they’ve also come up with a special dish for this offaly overhyped holiday.

Sizzling beef heart with mochi, rice cakes, and melted cheese may just be the most perfect way to win over your spare-parts-loving partner. Or it may totally gross him or her out. In either situation, it’s at least a breath of fresh air compared with the foie gras, oysters, and caviar-obsessed, prix-fixe-preoccupied restaurants that jack up their menus to unreasonable prices, promising a romantic evening when all the kitchen wants to do is spit in your chocolate-covered bacon roses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.