Teen Idols And Low Urinals At New Gay Dance Club


My new column takes you inside xl, the long-awaited, upper-case-in-spirit glossy dance club in the far reaches of West 42nd Street.

And in the process, I tell you which recovering teen idol was at the VIP preview party and why.

What insouciant activity the club’s low-hanging row of urinals allows patrons to do.

And most importantly, how gays are taking to the startling new chance to dance their little tuchuses off. (This is the first new gay dance club in many years because of the city’s awful restrictions on nightlife. My column details the new crowd’s reaction to the shock of the thump-thump.)

What you learn will be surprising, especially if you read it while drinking a premium brand.

And by the way, I don’t discriminate at the door.

Anyone can click on the link and read the column. You’re on the list plus entourage!

So come on and enter my shiny little literary nightclub.

I’ll even tell you which are the best nights at xl, thereby saving you tons of cash.