Year of the Takeout Day 38: M Noodle Shop


Vegetable Dumpling Soup from M Noodle Shop (549 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-384-8008)

Year of the Takeout still ain’t feelin’ so hot (and we refuse to think that it has anything to do with our diet), but we would still like to present you with an abridged segment.

Now, a few weeks back, YotT made passing mention of M — we found a cheap carry-away joint featuring noodle dishes on par with this Williamsburg pasta palace of sorts, just a lot less expensive.

Anyway, YotT, decided to visit M (visited at other junctures, but not sampled during this experiment) and try the soup at this Chinese American-inspired eatery.

While the dumplings in this $6 offering weren’t stellar — they were great, but there was nothing crazy-special-unique-zomg! except the dough, which had a beautifully buttery vibe — the broth made the pick a true winner. With hints of miso and strands of soft, salty seaweed, this soulful, hearty stew easily makes for a complete meal.