Don’t Cry For Amy Winehouse!


Yes, her death was way premature and truly awful, but the time she spent on earth wasn’t all tragic.

So says the venerable Tony Bennett, who is Grammy-nominated for “Body and Soul,” the duet he did with the big-haired, -lunged, and -nerved chanteuse.

Tony tells Parade magazine:

“She was a very genuine singer.

“She wanted to hit the top.

“I met her mom after she died and her mother said, ‘A lot of people feel tragic about what happened, but I know that it was her dream to become very successful and it actually happened.’

“Even though she had a short life, she actually attained what she had dreamed about and wanted to do.”

I’d rather have a long life and attain my dreams — which I have — but I guess it’s time for us to look at the positive side of what Ames represented and achieved.

I bet she gets the Grammy!