Elettra Wiedemann’s Fashion Week Pop-Up Is Back


What does it take to get models to eat a restaurant meal during Fashion Week? Four top-notch chefs and one celebrity model backing. For the second year in a row, Elettra Wiedemann is opening a pop-up restaurant, Goodness, in the Museum of Arts and Design’s Robert restaurant.

This year, Wiedemann convinced heavyweight chefs Mario Batali, Alain Allegretti, Julian Medina, and Leo Forneas to head the restaurant’s kitchen for one night each, from February 11 to 14.

She told the Daily Mail that putting together that impressive lineup was simply a matter of knocking on the chefs’ doors and introducing herself to them — which is apparently all it takes to convince people to cook for you if you are a famous model and the daughter of Isabella Rossellini.

Like last year’s version, this year’s Goodness will aim to please the Fashion Week crowd — celebrities, designers, and models — with healthy plates. In the Daily Mail, Wiedemann said that she was inspired to open the restaurant after finding it hard to find food between runway shows as a working model, and ending up eating at the most unglamorous of places — McDonald’s.