Glenn Close: New Queen Of The Oscar Losers?


If the experts at (including me) are right, Glenn Close will tie Deborah Kerr and Thelma Ritter for the most losses in female-acting categories in Oscar history.

They each have six nominations.

Deborah was actually a bigger loser than Glenn because all six of her noms were for Best Actress.

Glenn’s had three for Best Actress and three for Supporting.

(Thelma’s six were all for Supporting.)

Still, numerically speaking, they’re all tied.

If Glenn doesn’t bag the trophy for Albert Nobbs in a few weeks, she’ll be one of three queens alongside the king of Oscar losses, Peter O’Toole, who’s had eight non-wins and is a good sport about it.

Interestingly, this time around, Glenn is again pitted against her old friend, two-time winner Meryl Streep.

As Glenn herself has quipped, “I’ve often been mistaken for Meryl Streep, although never on Oscar night.”

Well, here’s the good news, Glenn.

If you lose this one, you can always make more films, keep getting nominated, and lose some more.

Then you’ll truly be the queen!

Deborah and Thelma don’t have much chance of that happening.