The Beet Goes On at Gastroarte


The drink: The Beet Goes On

The bar: Gastroarte (141 West 69th Street, 646-692-8762)

The price: $12

The ingredients: Plymouth Gin, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, beets, lime juice, and a celery apple foam

The buzz: It’s always a delight to find a cocktail featuring beet juice. Unlike, say, orange or cranberry, beet has that perfect sweet-tart balance and never feels cloying in a cocktail. Plus it imparts a lovely fuchsia color. The Beet Goes On is served at Jesús Núñez’s experimental Spanish spot, Gastroarte (f/k/a Graffit), and employs a few tricks of molecular mixology. A lilt of ginger and a tad of sherry underscore the light beet flavor, adding an overall sweetness, but the real showstopper here is the celery apple foam, which is made by juicing the fruit and veggie, folding that into a combo of whipped egg whites and simple syrup, and aerating the whole thing using a whipped-cream canister. A bounty of fruits and vegetables all in one serving — getting your daily vitamin intake has never been easier. Or, perhaps, boozier.