The Doctors TV Show Rips Paula Deen


Here’s the picture of Deen shown on this morning’s The Doctors.

First thing on this morning’s episode of the CBS show The Doctors, the panel lit into Paula Deen. They first criticized her for knowing she had diabetes three years ago and still promoting unhealthy meals on TV, noting “80 percent of type 2 diabetes is attributable to lifestyle choices.” It doesn’t really matter that she repeatedly said, “I’m your cook, not your doctor,” according to Dr. Travis Stork (the emergency-room specialist).

The panel expressed incredulity at Deen’s behavior, especially her crass endorsement of diabetes medicines.

Dr. Lisa Masterson (the ob-gyn) chimed in, “What I am really disturbed by is she’s signed on to be a spokesman for diabetes medicine.” Addressing the portly chef by looking into the camera, she continued, “Paula Deen, you’re an amazing cook, you should not be hawking medicines.”

Dr. Stork chimed in, noting that the best results are achieved by dietary changes, not by medicines, “We try to treat diabetes with pills. … I see amputations all the time. A pill is not the answer.”

Dr. Masterson: “The best thing she could do is use this to turn around her lifestyle and use her platform to teach America.”

They then showed Deen’s iconic bacon burger with two Krispy Kremes instead of buns, and suggested she should replace the donuts with whole-wheat buns.

Dr. Masterson finished up the segment by saying, “Paula, wake up and smell the bacon.”

The offending burger