Do You Have To Wear A Button-Down Shirt To Go To xl?


Not if you’re posing for the invite, lol!

But that’s the excuse one guy was given when the doorman turned him away from the new gay club I wrote about this week.

(“You should be more dressed up for a Friday night.”)

And he was very surprised because he knew other guys had gotten in in T-shirts.

“I have never been turned away from a club in my life,” he wrote in an email.

“I hate to think that the doorperson did not let us in because we are over 30.

“He looked at us twice before asking what we were wearing [under our jackets].”

I looked into this and the club publicist told me, “There’s no dress code at xl and T-shirts are definitely welcome.”

Well, so are over-30s — in fact, over-90s in my case — but I guess not all of them!

PS: Amusingly, the guy wrote his complaint to the wrong Brandon Voss.

(He sent it to the writer, not the Friday-night-party promoter, and somehow it got to me.)

I’m glad there isn’t a Michael Musto who’s a club promoter or I’d be fielding kvetches all day.