“Mindful Eating” Is The Hot New Thing For Your Mouth


Today’s New York Times has an interesting article about a trend called “mindful eating,” which is based on Buddhist principles and which will teach your taste buds a thing or two while making you less of a slurping hog.

It’s about savoring your food, thinking about it, taking your time with it, and not eating any more if it doesn’t feel right.

That’s so not me, but hey, expanding one’s mind might be a good road toward deflating one’s tummy.

The article details a recent “mindful eating” bonanza at an upstate New York monastery.

“As their jaws moved slowly, their faces took on expressions of deep focus.

“Every now and then came a pause within the pause:

“A chime would sound and, according to the monastery’s custom, all would stop moving and chewing in order to breathe and explore an even deeper level of sensory awareness.”

That sounds really fascinating — “food for thought,” as the Times notes.

I can’t read the rest, alas, because my sloppy joe dropped all over the paper.