Pizza Hut Proposes Marriage, Dowry Only $10,000


Fork in the Road really can’t think of a less auspicious way to propose marriage, and any real foodie, woman or man, would probably first gag, and then sputter out a resounding “No!”: Pizza Hut is offering a Valentine’s Day deal that includes a box of their awful pizza and bready breadsticks (plus two dipping sauces! woo-hoo!) and the following extraneous items, to be sent by you to a loved one as a packaged marriage proposal:

  1. Limo service
  2. A ruby engagement ring
  3. A bouquet of flowers
  4. A personal fireworks display
  5. A professional photographer
  6. A professional videographer

The all-in cost is $10,010, with the $10 presumably going to pay for the “pizza.”

Only 10 of these deals are available, so you better act now! (And, if I were you, I’d have that ruby ring appraised right away. The smell of Cracker Jack may still be upon it.)

Thanks to FiTR San Francisco correspondent Tracy Van Dyk for the link.

[Pizza Hut] via [Obvious Winner]