Victoria Beckham, Fashion Icon


While her husband hawks underwear — as well he should — Victoria Beckham has become a rising star in the high-end fashion world.

She’s bringing her stuff back to New York’s own Fashion Week in a matter of days, and she’s also dressing various stars for the real Fashion Week, i.e., the imminent Oscars.

According to a British paper, the dark-rooted trio of Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, and Cameron Diaz are clamoring for Vicki’s designs.

And Michelle Williams has already worn a Beckham dress to an Oscar lunch (and she didn’t get stains on it).

Victoria has a smallish fashion house right now, but the woman could turn out to transition big-time and end up as a world-class force in design.

I normally wouldn’t give a flying hoo-ha about this type of thing, but there’s that kitschy pop-culture connection, which makes it deeply irresistible to me.

I live for anything girl-group-related, even if it’s not the least bit related to that anymore.

In fact, in this article on the topic, I’m quoted as saying that Beckham’s ascendance makes sense since “she’s the only Spice Girl that you don’t still think of as a Spice Girl.”

But I do wish she’d play around with her personal spice rack and eat something!

Even if she then wouldn’t fit into her own designs!