Archbishop Dolan In Rome To Be Made Cardinal


New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan has arrived in Rome, NY1 reported, after leaving from JFK International Airport last night. The flight was the first set in Dolan’s journey to be elevated to cardinal. The New York Daily News caught Dolan as he was leaving his St. Patrick’s residence yesterday evening. “I can taste the pasta already,” he said. Aside from eating, Dolan has official duties to attend to in Rome before the ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica Saturday. According to the New York Post, he will speak Friday at the Vatican on the subject “the topic of new evangelization to ensure people living in European countries steeped in the Catholic tradition remain faithful.” He will also be “interrogated by the pope — in Italian — in front of all current cardinals.”

This trip comes as Dolan — the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops — has been in the news with the Catholic Church opposing a federal regulation that requires organizations to cover contraception for their employees. Even after Obama announced revisions to the regulation Friday exempting objecting religious groups from the obligation with insurance companies providing in their stead, the conference that Dolan heads spoke out against the president’s compromise in a letter to bishops. According to ABC News:

“It remains unclear as to how insurers will be compensated for the cost of these items, with some commentators suggesting that such compensation will ultimately be derived from the premiums paid by the religious employer,” the bishops’ letter said. “It does not meet our standard of respecting the religious liberty and moral convictions of all stakeholders in the health coverage transaction.”

Watch Dolan talk about the subject in a video here.

New York State, as we and the New York Times noted, already has a contraception coverage law on the books.