Driver Going Wrong Way On The FDR Drive Causes Crash, Two Die


A 26-year-old driver going the wrong-way on the FDR Drive was responsible for a crash that left two dead, Eyewitness News reported. The driver, in a Nissan Maxima, hit a Dodge Caravan driven by a 53-year-old man. The Caravan was going southbound — the correct direction — when the Nissan, coming northbound, hit. Both drivers were killed.

A Mazda driven by a 22-year-old woman hit the Caravan from behind. The woman and her passenger were taken to the hospital.

DCPI told us that the accident occurred at approximately 2:52 a.m. and the investigation is ongoing.

We will update if you hear more.

This isn’t the only recent accident to occur on that roadway. On Jan. 31, in another early morning crash, a driver hit three cars, killing one person, before escaping from the scene.

Update: 3:46 p.m.
The deaths we were reported here, were by far not the only ones in the city in the past 24-hours. In 12 hours, seven people were killed in the city between last night and this morning. Gothamist has a round-up.