Straphangers Sang Whitney Houston On The Subway Last Night



Usually when we post videos of things that happen on the subway, they show the underbelly of New York’s underbelly. But sometimes lovely moments do happen on trains, like the one above via Gothamist. Last night, after news of Whitney Houston’s death spread people on the 2 train responded with an impromptu “I Will Always Love You” sing-a-long.

All participants are definitely not all singing in the same key, but it’s a nice moment of New York solidarity.

Also last night, the “NYT Newsroom Mouse” account tweeted [h/t]:

Little new official information is known about the circumstances surrounding Houston’s death. Houston’s body was moved from the hotel room where she
found dead to the morgue. The Los Angeles Times cites an anonymous source with the information that investigators “are trying to determine whether she drowned while in a bathtub.” TMZ reported a similar scenario.

Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles Sunday morning, but has been released. According to ABC News, a “family source” said that Brown was being “treated for stress and anxiety.”