Valentine’s Day Report: New Yorkers Want To Date And Move At The Same Time


Valentine’s Day might have lost the allure of romance (or, rather, sex) for some people, but there is still some hope in the city. We checked in with site HowAboutWe — which encourages the lovelorn to post ideas for dates — and were told that New York postings have been steadily rising since January 13. That’s when, as media director Erin Scottberg said, holiday malaise has run its course, those “why are you still single?” questions are still on the brain, and Valentine’s Day hype starts getting going. Last year, according to Scottberg, there was an increase in the number of dates posted through Feb. 14 (the big day). That then leveled out until the beginning of March when people started to embark on finding springtime beaus. But what have New Yorkers been wanting to do on their posted dates recently? Go tour a sewage plant? Not exactly, but let’s just say that New Yorkers have been looking for something more than just a pleasant time with another person.

What have New Yorkers been digging during these winter months of 2012? Trendy liquors have included scotch and whiskey, and what HowAboutWe considers successful ideas for dates have involved tea, fireplaces and concerts. But, since January, New Yorkers have also shown a bizarre propensity for desiring to plan dates involving moving.

Yes, Scottberg said HowAboutWe has seen a spike in the amount of people looking to get more than just a date out of a date. Daters are suggesting doing things like going to IKEA to pick out furniture — perhaps, it can be a perfectly adorkable experience like in (500) Days of Summer — or helping a potential love interest pack. New Yorkers, Scottberg said, are “practical.”

“Try somebody out and get something done at the same time,” Scottberg said. “It’s only a New York trend.”

We know that’s not something we would sign up for — the fireplace-bar-hot toddy concept Scottberg mentioned sounds much more appealing — but, hey, whatever floats your boat.

And speaking of tastes, what have New Yorkers not been into recently? Tequila, sushi, cupcakes have not been appearing as often in suggestions. Meanwhile, though comedy shows, museums and ice skating show up a lot they are not deemed “successful,” getting fewer responses. What? People haven’t been recreating this moment out of Rocky?

“For a date you want to connect with somebody who wants something more specific,” Scottberg said. “Everybody likes ice skating. Everyone says, ‘oh I need to get to MOMA more’ or ‘oh, I need to get to the Whitney more.'”

So, New Yorkers that use this site are atypical people who want help getting their own lives sorted out before investing in someone else? Sounds about right.