Year of the Takeout Day 42: Golden Dragon Restaurant


Scallion Pancake from Golden Dragon Restaurant (394 Metropolitan Avenue, 718-782-8024)

Scallion pancakes commonly can be seen on dim sum menus. Again, in Year of the Takeout‘s observations, it seems like a lot of these Cantonese-inspired fast-food eateries in New York feature offerings not seen elsewhere in the U.S. — such as more traditional dishes and a wider variety of apps.

Golden Dragon’s $3 version appears to have been made in-house and frozen, and was promptly pan-fried upon ordering. The pick has the chewiness of an arepa, but the crisp exterior of a grilled tortilla. Had the scallion been more plentiful, the plate would have surpassed expectations. But as it stands now, it’s simply so-so.