Adele Brings Snot Out Of The Closet


Adele‘s speech as she was presented with the Grammy for Album of the Year last night was adorable, fun, real, honest, and mucusy.

The singer extraordinaire held up her statuette and exulted, “Mom, girl did good!”

She acknowledged the “rubbish relationship” that spawned the album — the kind we’ve all been through (though we didn’t necessarily win a Grammy for it).

And as she wiped away the tears, Adele noticed that her nose was leaking and blurted, “Oh, I’ve got a bit of snot!”

With that one stroke, Adele not only went green, she took the sting out of that particular body “fluid,” turning it into a sign of emotional purity and triumph.

She takes personal honesty to all new arenas!

Great speech — and by the way I had no idea the girl talks in such a Cockneyish brogue.

I mean when she says “Jonathan,” it comes out “Jona-fin.”

Can a production of My Fair Lady be far behind?

Culminating with a snot gavotte?