Dans Le Noir? Opens Near Times Square: Now Tourists Can Finally Eat in the Dark


After several false starts, Dans le Noir?, the French dine-in-the-dark restaurant chain, is finally open in Manhattan, according to Tasting Table. The company had shopped around for space in the East and West Villages and Tribeca, before finally settling on a location in the Fashion District (246 West 38th Street), three blocks from Times Square.

Diners at Dans le Noir? are required to choose from four fixed, surprise menus for their meal and encouraged to place all of their possessions in lockers before entering the dining room, where they are served by blind waiters and sommeliers. According to the restaurant’s website, the concept is meant to encourage diners to re-evaluate their perceptions of taste, smell, and texture.

It all sounds like a lot of work. But with the mindful-eating idea catching on, tourists and even New Yorkers might be willing to give the restaurant a shot to see if not being able to see their dining companions or even their fork helps them connect with their meal.