Isabella Rossellini Is The Queen Of The Bees


Screen and glamour icon Isabella Rossellini played a bee when she did those award-winning Green Pornos for the Sundance Channel, in which she personally enacted the mating rituals of the animal kingdom (while wearing the proper protection, I’m sure).

Well, at her daughter Elettra Wiedemann‘s pop-up restaurant at the Museum of Arts and Design’s Goodness, hosted by The Daily, Isabella told me she was just commissioned by Brad’s Bees (the “pure honey” makers) to don wings again and do a short film about bees for their website.

“Have you ever seen Joan Crawford in Queen Bee?” interjected Isabella’s old friend John Epperson (a/k/a drag star Lypsinka) when Isabella brought up her bee movie.

“Joan sort of looks like a bee in that,” he explained.

Crossed with some sort of lizard, I’d say.

“No,” said Isabella, laughing. “I’ll have to see that.”

Epperson brings everything back to Joan Crawford — thank God — though Susan Hayward managed to nab a reference, too.

At the same event, Epperson asked me if it’s really me on Facebook and not an impostor.

After all, he reminded, there’s someone named Helen Lawson on Facebook, but that can’t really be the Valley of the Dolls character.

“I know there is,” I replied. “And I’m friends with her!”

Just then, a woman approached to greet me and say we’re Facebook friends.

“Are you Helen Lawson?” I asked, excitedly.

She looked glazed.

That proved she wasn’t a drag queen. Or a gay man. Or old.

But anyway, yes, I do all my own Facebooking myself — and that’s what makes me such a great Bee star, so good at creating my own buzzzzzzz.