New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Rebecca Taylor Goes To the Dark Side; Jane Pratt At Nicole Miller; Charlotte Ronson Grows Up


There seemed to be a lack of symmetry during the Friday shows at New York Fashion Week in which the designers displayed collections unlike their signature styles, but the change made perfect sense.

The Fall/Winter 2012 lines we saw on Friday featured a definite shift, which kept us attentive, though some of the designers also had us scratching our heads.

Rebecca Taylor, the New Zealand designer who’s known for her flowery feminine wear and dressing young actresses on the CW Network like Sophia Bush and Shenae Grimes has gone to the dark side aiming for the allure of the moody hipster.

We were quite taken aback by her color palette that included mostly charcoal and grey with a hint of blue, a complete contrast from her collections in the past.

“Our girl has a slightly darker heart,” Taylor told She also stated that her old prints were feeling stale “so we took Rebecca Taylor staples and digitized them.”

But is the move to melancholy the right move? As we’ve seen throughout Fashion Week, designers are opting for bright and bold colors, a theme that feels lively and spirited. Taylor perhaps wanted to sway from the prim and proper ladies that have attended her shows in previous years, to garner an edgier audience like that of Zoe Kravitz, who sat front row.

Nicole Miller is the complete antithesis to Taylor with her hippie chic Fall/Winter show. The models strutted down in velvet vests, floral prints, and ruffled blouses (though not weird pirate shirts). Like Taylor, Miller also worked with digital prints, a method she’s been doing for a while.

“This season I’ve used tweed, velvet, powernet, and neoprene,” Miller says. “I love blending modern technology and old techniques.” editor Jane Pratt (of Sassy and Jane fame) sat front row at the Miller show with her young daughter on her lap and tweeted to us saying she thought it was a “great show.” Agreed.

The last show of Friday night was that of Charlotte Ronson, a vibrant designer that we look forward to every season, and not so much because of the fascinating celebs that attend her shows, but more so because she delivers every single time.

Last season we noticed a transformation in her collection. Ronson isn’t designing for young girls anymore, the “Charlotte Ronson girl” is growing up. An evolution we witnessed come full circle in her Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Where we once saw minis and loose-fitting garments is now a tailored and sophisticated look that included black leather pencil skirts and multi-patterned silk dresses in forest green, maroon, and yellow, paired with white tights.

The exciting aspect of Ronson is that she is just getting warmed up.