Occupy Valentine’s Day: Tomorrow’s Bed-In in Washington Square Park


Valentine’s Day, it is now well-established by crushingly overwhelming consensus, is more or less the worst, a vastly successful conspiracy by the Things-That-Are-Pink-Or-Made-Of-Chocolate Industrial complex to boost sales.

Whether you are single, or just allergic to mandatory normative romance, February 14th can often feel like a day to just stay in bed. This year, there’s a new way to do just that, with an Occupy-Wall-Street-branded “Bed In” in Washington Square Park.

The event, called Who Are You In Bed With, is modeled on John and Yoko’s 1969 Bed-Ins in Montreal and Amsterdam, is described as an effort to involve Occupy sympathizers who may not be comfortable speaking out.

Organized by an outfit called Revolutionary Games, the event is being billed as a game, though that title seems generous, given that the rules are “1. Get in bed. 2. Stay in bed.”

The mattress action starts at 11 a.m. Participants are urged to bring pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags. If falling into bed with people you just met in a New York City park seems like too bold a move even for Valentine’s Day, you can still take part at home by uploading a picture of your own private bed-in to the site.

For movement sympathizers who are especially attuned to the wuvviness of the day, there’s also a planned Kiss-In in Times Square.