Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Got Married Because of ‘The New Deal’


Eric Cantor met his wife in a liberal hotbed.

The Republican House majority leader apparently went on a blind date with his wife, Diana, at The New Deal, a now-defunct SoHo restaurant with an FDR motif.

As detailed by the Observer, the fiscal conservative told the Association for a Better New York this morning that they had their first rendez-vous at the eatery, where a two-person meal would cost some $205 today.

The Observer notes that the Spring Street establishment featured: “live jazz and three large WPA-inspired murals.”

“My adult professional life and personal professional life started here in New York City,” he told reporters. “Even more importantly … my wife who’s here, a native of perhaps a suburb of New York in Miami Beach … We met here on a blind date. I would say New York is very near and dear to our hearts.”