Whitney Houston’s Lesbianism: Let’s Discuss


Not surprisingly, the one thing that’s being left out of the vast majority of Whitney Houston obits is the L word!

I got so caught up in writing about the way her musical legacy got besmirched by her icky behavior that I even left it out of my own blog on Saturday night!

But it’s hardly a dirty word, so let’s go there, the way we did for years and years while she was alive and shining.

When Whitney started out, I hear, it was an open secret in the business that she and Robyn were girlfriends.

Insiders knew it, heard it, assumed it, and/or took it for granted.

Of course, Whitney always denied such a thing and ended up marrying Bobby Brown — as if that was a good career move — and Robyn started fading further and further into the background.

I doubt that we’ll ever know the full story of Whitney’s sexuality and why she followed certain relationship paths.

But shouldn’t we acknowledge that this great singer was bisexual?

And didn’t the way she always ran from the rumors contribute to her own self-defeating tendency for drama and tension?