Dogs (and UWS Activists) Against Romney Protest Outside Westminister Dog Show


A “Dogs Against Romney” protest brought out more reporters sniffing for a story than pups this afternoon.

The animal advocacy group aims to call attention to an infamous incident in which Mitt Romney strapped the family dog in a crate to the roof of the car for a 12-hour drive in the late 1980s. Protester Paul Gestos, a longtime dog owner and Occupy Wall Streeter, said Mutt Romney’s story reflects poorly on his owner’s character. “It shows he has no empathy,” Gestos said of the presidential hopeful. “He made a bad decision and now he won’t even own up to it.”

Only a few dogs made it to the protest. So where the doggies at? Gestos said they had work and other commitments this afternoon.

One dogowner said her pup doesn’t like making the trek to midtown. “He’s an Upper West Side guy,” she said.

Merle Mceldowney brought her UWS mutt Grizzly Bear down for his close-up with CNN, Huffington Post and other kitsch-hungry journalists.

“Who did his hair?” a reporter for the Huffington Post asked and held his mic to Bear. Mceldowney went along with each cutesy question and quipped “that’s bedhead.”

Mceldowney had a quick answer when asked about Bear’s tax bracket. “He pays 100 percent of his income,” Mceldowney said. “He wants Mitt Romney to pay enough taxes for the government to take care of strays.”

One man even came by with a pug in his backpack. “He rides inside!”