Fear Not, You Will Likely Be Able to Eat Smelly Spaghetti on the Subway Forever


Don’t worry, boys and girls. Despite the fracas that can occur from eating fried chicken and other stinky foods on the subway, there’s little chance of the State Senate banning eating on public transportation, The New York Times reports. Joseph J. Lhota, the new chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (and known rat czar), has declared that he would not support a bill in Albany that would forbid riders to eat in the subway.

State Senator Bill Perkins introduced the bill, which calls for violators to be fined up to $250. But Lhota claims that children regularly eat their breakfast on the subway and that the bill would “severely hurt and impact minority communities.” Fair enough, but certainly some foods are more subway-friendly than others. May the Great Spaghetti Subway Incident of last year be a reminder to everyone.