Happy National Condom Day! Find Free Condoms With a Phone App


It’s Feb. 14 — the best day of the year!

No, of course we don’t mean Valentine’s Day (ew.)

It’s National Condom Awareness Day — and 2012’s holiday has gotten even more special for you and your special lady or man-friend: New York City’s Department of Public Health and Mental Hygiene is releasing a version of the mobile phone app for Windows phones and BlackBerries today that will point you to the nearest pro-bono prophylactics. And it’s free! (Before it was just for iPhones and Androids.)

How does the program work?

The app determines users’ location via GPS technology and then gives specific directions to venues that offer the free NYC Condoms throughout the five boroughs — including the sites’ hours and what other safe-sex products these locations offer.

Also included are handy tips on condom use, in case you need a brief refresher.

Says the Health Department: “New Yorkers will find that no matter where they are, they can always be protected from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and unintended pregnancy.”

Amen to that!

To download the app, Android or iPhone users should search for “NYC Condom” in the Android Market or the iPhone App Store. For other platforms, check the NYC Condom Facebook page.

So, even though many might spend the most romantic day of the year sans sex, rest assured that those who do get it on will have safe amorous adventures.