New Yorkers Love, Hate Everything


So, maybe Valentine’s Day has you a little bit down about relationships. (Or not! We won’t judge.) But either way, there should still be a little room left to celebrate what you love (and hate) about that city. To that end, the interactive mapping website MyBlockNYC compiled two separate videos, made up of crowdsourced video clips, doing just that.

“We thought that asking people what they are loving right now is a little bit too simple and expected and doesn’t give as rich of a story of how New York is feeling right now,” MyBlockNYC co-founder Alex Kalman told Runnin’ Scared last week.

Among the things that New Yorkers hate: traffic, congestion, rent, cab drivers, everything. Getting up early in the morning, our “stupid mayor,” girls who don’t put out (really???).

And things New Yorkers love: fashion, chance encounters, Times Square (really???), donuts, the crazy people, borscht, you, and Chinese food. All the Chinese food. Runnin’ Scared is inclined to agree — who doesn’t like Chinese food, after all?