Talde’s Lobster Tom Kha Gai: One of the Best $13.69 Bowls of Soup Around


When the weather’s chilly, there’s really nothing better than curling up on the sofa and ordering some tom kha gai from your local Thai takeout (preferably using Seamless to maximize your laziness). The spicy coconut-milk-based soup is flavored with galangal and lemongrass, giving it a lovely perfumed note, while chiles amp up the spice quotient — perfect winter warming. But Talde, Top Chef and Buddakan alum Dale Talde’s new Park Slope restaurant, dishes up a tom kha that’s worth getting up off the sofa.

The flavors are similar to your standard tom kha offerings, though the $13.69 bowl ups the ante with the addition of delicate lobster chunks bobbing amid cilantro sprigs and corn kernels. And a rather plentiful amount of lobster, at that. Thin rice noodles complete the picture, creating a dish that’s at once delicious, luxurious, and inexpensive (considering what you get). The menu at Talde is set up for sharing, but this is one dish that you won’t want to go halfsies on.