The 2008 financial collapse sent shock waves all over the world—there is no question as to how devastating the recession has been, in regards to families exiled due to mortgage default, stagnant high unemployment rates, and the hopeless shellacking of the idea of a quick recovery. But for a few certain architects, the past three years has wiped the national slate clean, leaving a country that is ready to be rebuilt and reworked for the modern era. Over the past summer, five teams of forward-thinkers took this dream to the workshop, creating new eco-friendly developments in the construction and organization of the American metropolis. The result? Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream, a five-month-long exhibit at MOMA that offers a glimpse of the brilliantly unpredictable future to the downtrodden that uses the public space left over from the housing market’s implosion. Although it begins on Wednesday, MOMA will be holding a two-day symposium over the weekend for attendees to hear the proposals and workshop experiences of the architects themselves. Come see what these luminaries have in store for America.

Fri., Feb. 17, noon; Sat., Feb. 18, noon, 2012