Best Cheap Indian Food In NYC


Curry Hut isn’t spectacular-looking in the slightest. The eat-in or take-out restaurant on Ninth Avenue between 39th and 40th streets is small and not that remarkable, with nothing more than counter seating and not much in the way of décor.

The menu isn’t terribly exotic or high-flying. Just your basic curries, samosas, tikka masalas, coconut shrimp, and so on.

But it’s amazing!

The food is just so damned good — and fresh, clean, and affordable, too.

For $7.99, for example, you get a tandoori chicken platter, complete with salad, vegetable, soup, rice, and naan bread.

It’s all really yummy, filling, and just spicy enough, and so is everything else I’ve tried there.

Just the other day, I spotted an interesting-looking dish in the display, so I ordered it in a moment of brazen recklessness.

It was chili chicken, which came in the same platter configuration for the very same price ($7.99).

And it was a taste sensation.

Plus, the service is efficient and nice, which is crucial. (No matter how delish the food, I won’t patronize a place run by bullies or creeps.)

So go to Curry in a hurry.

I didn’t lie about that Korean food court, did I?