Bowery Diner: 6 Not-To-Miss Dishes


Can you think of anywhere else in the world your duck confit comes with curly fries?

This week, Counter Culture holds down a swiveling stool at the lunch counter of Bowery Diner, and orders up a storm. Here are six dishes you shouldn’t miss.

Yes, this sandwich could have come from Mile End or Katz’s — but it didn’t, it’s from Bowery Diner, where it’s called smoked meat.

Dabbed with something that tastes like vinaigrette, and thoughtfully served on ice, the mackerel ceviche is fab (and sustainable).

The choucroute garni is about as Alsatian as you can get.

The daring whelks-with-garlic-butter appetizer

Don’t remember the name of this chocolate thing, but it sure was good!

Bowery Diner
241 Bowery

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