Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Does One Pig Per Night


Large-format feasts were definitely a trend in 2011, and it looks to be continuing through 2012. So today’s announcement from the meaty East Village outpost of chef Daniel Boulud’s empire, DBGB, that they’re getting in on the game comes as no surprise.

Gather up to eight friends for this suckling-pig feast. For $495 you’ll get one snout-to-tail specimen plus sides like brussels sprouts and endive-ham gratin. Dessert is included (baked Alaska), but beverages are not. Either opt for a $200 beer supplement or order your booze à la carte.
Only one meal will be made each night, and reservations must be made 72 hours in advance. Though, judging by the difficulty of similar specials, this is bound to book up quickly. So if you’re hankering for one of Boulud’s hogs, you’d better excuse yourself from that meeting and call now.