Facebook And Twitter Are Destroying Our Brains!


Check out my devastating new column in which I talk about the shocking levels of mental detritus that have resulted from our communal obsession with those two depth-depleting social-networking media.

If you have the attention span, you will learn how the quick emissions, overriding banality, and cute punctuation that these venues have encouraged are bringing down the mass IQ and making us into narcissistic, righteously angry, faux-“liking” droids with no souls.

FB and TW have transformed once-brainy people into abbreviating, fulminating nightmares with predictable cerebellum flatulences that we insist on foisting on masses of strangers with the understanding that they can foist theirs, too.

I don’t mean you, mind you.

Your [sic] the best.

And truth be told, I happen to have a lot of fun with my “friends” and “followers.”

But if you think these “social” venues don’t encourage bouts of intellectual laziness, your [sic] wrong.