Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, Yelped


Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria just received three stars from Times critic Pete Wells, who said that the cured meats served there are “among the finest salumi in the country.” But the restaurant has gotten more mixed reviews from the carnivores on Yelp. Their reactions have ranged from mooning over the waiters and bartenders to downright hostility. See for yourself in our roundup of the reviews.

Five Stars

Bill S.: “I move to the front and order a beer. The really cute Bartender (Camille?) I ask her what’s Porchetta?? She tells me its a spicy pork.The meat guy gave me a small sample to taste, Holy moley it is outstanding. Simply outstanding.”

Chiara G.: “ALL the gentlemen working were quite the lookers. Another reason why I would frequent this joint regularly if I lived in NYC. Next visit I will be dining in for a full meal for sure and will keep with the tradition of a Salami sandwich for the flight home.”

Robin L.: “I’m determined to hit up the osteria in the back for lunch or dinner – but so far have come when  *in limbo*, but I’m never turned away! I always enjoy hanging out at the espresso bar with Patrick (the barista).”

Four Stars

Alyssa L.: “This place is packed with hot boys at lunchtime. Who are these impeccably dressed lads with enough free time for a leisurely lunch?”

Three Stars

A M.: “The tragically hype crowd did not seem to notice that most of the $10 sides were fair at best. The whole fish, crispy polenta and fried artichokes were all very good.  Been to better and needs to train the staff how to serve food.”

Two Stars

David B.: “The $16 porchetta sandwich, while tasty, was on what could only be described as a dinner roll. Service was unclear: table or counter? … I’m still not sure.”

One Star

Rory M.: “What does four people behind a deli, owners giving instructions in front of customers and few customers in a line mean … A FORTY MINUTE WAIT TO BUY SOME SLICED MEAT AND BREAD!!!”