Lady Gaga’s Next Career Move! Urgent!


I’m quite certain of what it is.

To change the look!

I know she changes the look all the time, but I mean change the whole gist of it in general!

The constant parade of outrageous costumes has got to become oppressive for her, even if it keeps thousands of stylists in business.

Can you imagine not being able to leave the house without an elaborate makeup job, a papier-mâché reproduction of some foodstuff on your body, 10-pound drop earrings, and antennas on your head?

Can you imagine how uncomfortable Gaga must have felt sitting at the Grammys for three and a half hours in leather, netting, and a giant ring, accessorized by the scepter she royally held the whole time while waiting and waiting to show it off onstage?

It was way less costumey than her famed egg and meat outfits, but it was still extreme and not something you just toss together and throw on.

(Adele has it easy. She just puts on a frock, stands there and sings, and picks up the awards.)

Besides, how can Gaga keep topping herself, looks-wise?

A girl group once told me they split up because they couldn’t top their ensembles and entrances. There was nowhere else to go with it!

I know Gaga’s handlers are probably terrified they’ll lose the Little Monsters out there if she doesn’t continually dazzle with her chic — and she has — but jeans, a T-shirt, and a ponytail might be a nice palate cleanser just to show the world she can be earthbound and still radiate star power.

Or at least a return to the above-pictured look would be relatively low-maintenance.

If repeating a look is even allowed!