New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: Backstage At Tracy Reese; Rachel Roy’s Cool Country


We couldn’t help but feel as if we were intruding while walking around backstage at Tracy Reese. It’s as if we invaded her personal (ginormous) studio. The backdrop of the runway was a mix of photographs of people and places, colors and patterns, all inspirations of Reese. Friends and family gathered to wish her well, models prepped in hair and make-up, dressers closely guarded each article of clothing.

Reese swiftly looked at the models, doing last-minute modifications, rallied the troops and thanked them for all of their hard work. Then as soon as actresses Nikki Reed, Shenae Grimes, and Beverly Johnson took their seats, the show began.

Every item that rolled out was something out of The Birdcage. The colors popped — there’s no other way of putting it. From bright orange silk tops, to gold mini-skirts, paired with a cap and Kanye West-like sunglasses, everything was radiant and stunning.

“I want that!” was heard from people gabbing behind. But two of the favorites that got a strong reaction was a navy blue sleeveless dress, and an orange dress with gold details. We weren’t expecting Reese to top last season’s show, but did she ever.

Designer Rachel Roy, famously known for color-blocking, and looking fabulously stylish in pajamas on the red-carpet, scored once again with a collection titled “Modern Landscape.”

Roy, who launched her own label in 2005, has quickly risen as one of the prominent designers to show during Fashion Week, most likely due to her her affordable RACHEL Rachel Roy collection available at Macy’s, and a long list of high-profile clientele, one in particular– the First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I’ve dressed her 20 times now and so that is such an honor for me, because it means that someone who is so heavily scrutinized feels comfortable and beautiful and strong in my clothing. But I also think that she’s making a definite choice when she’s picking young, American designers. And I really, thoroughly appreciate that support from her,” Roy told the Huffington Post.

It’s Roy’s use of bold colors and interesting patterns that’s become a constant fixture in her collections. The California native said her Fall 2012 show would include strong, linear architectural silhouettes balanced with natural elements. Indeed, these pieces felt extremely warm, perfect for a Saturday in the country. Highlights from this collection included a black lambskin, tweed crochet mix dress, a satin petal top, and a knit peacoat.