A Word From Your Humble Guest Editor


Good morning. Your friend and mine Maura Johnston is currently overseas, enjoying grog and mead (I’m assuming) and generally being awesome. When you hear about the show she is seeing, in all probability you will die of jealousy. Expect a full recap on that next week, and let us pray that the inevitable Tyler, The Creator and Lana Del Ray duet does not drop while she is out of town. We all know how much she would hate to miss that.

I will be filling in for the next few days. You might know me from that time I talked forever with Reggie Watts, or that time I talked forever with Wye Oak, or that time I talked forever with SUPERCUTE! or maybe that time I rambled on about a trumpet solo in a Bright Eyes song. I realize, to my horror, that I did not arrange to have an exceptional long, totally emo interview set to run during my guest stint, so if there’s any New York artists out there in need of a free therapist, do holler at your boy.

Actually, let that be the case for the rest of you. Should anybody need to get a hold of me for some reason, do fuck with me on Twitter. Plus, you can see what I thought of the new Cursive album. (Spoiler alert: I totally like it.)

(Also, now that i’m puttering around in this system, I have to say that the Categories available for posts are out of control. I think “Enough With This Shit Already” is my favorite, although “Hating Fun” is not without its charms.)

Anyway, nice to meet you all. Now please excuse me, as I have a listicle to write.